About Us

Life started off as a kopi stall in Bukit Merah in 1990. Back then, we often helped Dad out after school or work.

We knew to grow into the majestic oak, spreading new roots, sprouting new branches and adapting
to the “seasonal” make overs are just part of life cycles. It was back in the year 2004, in one
of the seasonal makeovers, that we re-invented ourselves and became Fusion Bistro.
Today, as I write, we’ve evolved into a chain of café outlets.

Fusion Bistro is about good varied food & beverages at affordable prices.

Whether you yearn for the traditional cup of “kopi-O” (which is prepared the old fashioned way),
or have acquired the indulgence of a freshly brewed cappuccino to go with the meal, we have
your daily fix. For the trend adopters, go for our unique Fusion Coffee & Fusion Tea – a blend of
local coffee or tea with fresh steamed (hot) milk, top with froth. Take our recommendation…

You will soon note the menu is a potpourri of Western, Asian and local food… it’s our way of fusion.

We try to design & prepare well balanced food of protein, greens & carbo in each meal!